7 Best Paying Jobs in the Capital Goods Industry: Top Picks for Job Seekers

The Best paying jobs in capital goods is one of the most important drivers of economic growth and productivity in the manufacturing industry. Capital goods producers are businesses that make long-lasting machines, equipment, and tools rather than finished consumer goods such as apparel or automobiles.

These manufacturers are known as “capital goods” because they invest capital upfront to build durable factories and production equipment. They sell these fixed assets as a service to other businesses, which lease them instead of buying them outright.

There are many roles you can pursue job seekers interested in working for a capital goods manufacturer. The career opportunities with the highest pay potential include engineering, sales, finance, and management.

Here are four top picks for anyone looking to get best paying jobs in capital goods field:

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Engineers work with raw materials and production processes to design and create new machinery and industrial tools. In the capital goods sector, engineering is often focused on improving existing production facilities or designing new factories. Engineers are responsible for growing businesses by improving their manufacturing processes and increasing production capacity.

In the capital goods industry, engineers often focus on improving quality control processes to reduce downtime, increase automation productivity, and increase energy efficiency. The engineers who work in the best paying jobs in capital goods may be designing parts to be used in new factories or retrofitting existing facilities to improve the output of their customers.

Engineers must have a strong background in math and science. While many engineers specialize in one area of industrial design, capital goods engineers must have a broad skill set to work across many industries and applications. Engineers in the best paying jobs in capital goods can earn a six-figure salary, especially those with an advanced degree.

Sales Rep

Best Paying Jobs in the Capital Goods

Sales representatives are an important part of any business, and capital goods manufacturers are no exception. Sales reps sell their products to businesses that need heavy lifting equipment, automation systems, or new factories. If you have a strong ability to negotiate and close deals, sales might be a great option.

Sales representatives in the capital goods sector working with other businesses to determine their needs and find solutions that work. These sales reps earn commissions on new equipment sales, which can be a lucrative career path if you’re skilled at selling. You might be selling new factory automation systems or leasing contracts to businesses who want to use your equipment for capital goods sales reps. You might also be responsible for helping your business identify new customers and create sales opportunities.


Accountants are responsible for auditing businesses and ensuring they’re in full compliance with financial regulations. In the capital goods sector, accounting is often focused on auditing and reviewing lease agreements.

Accountants in the capital goods industry are responsible for ensuring that customers can make their lease payments and that their customers can make payments over time. This can be a high-stakes and high-pressure job, so you should have a strong tolerance for risk.

Finance Manager

All Finance managers are responsible for their duty and responsible for managing the finances of a business by forecasting cash flows, making payroll, and managing debt. Capital goods companies often have large, complex financing needs, so capital goods finance managers have to have strong skill sets in multiple areas.

You may be responsible for managing the financial aspects of a wide range of capital goods projects, including leases, investments, and new equipment purchases.

You may also manage the capital equipment schedule and work with engineering to plan out new construction projects.

Chief Information Officer

Chief information officers oversee the technology operations, making sure that operations are running smoothly and securely. In the best paying jobs in capital goods, your responsibility may be to integrate new equipment into legacy systems and ensure that the business has the right IT support to be successful.

In the Best paying jobs in capital goods, CIOs may be responsible for integrating new technology into existing business software or acquiring new software to manage the business. You may also be responsible for managing the IT support staff and working with other departments to manage the technology that supports their workflows.

Marketing and Product Managers

You may manage advertising campaigns, create sales leads, or work with product designers to build a new product that solves a specific business problem in the best paying jobs in best paying jobs in capital goods. Product managers are responsible for creating products that solve real business problems.

You may work with engineers to develop a new product or service, or you may be responsible for acquiring a new business that would use your product. Product managers in the capital goods sector may be responsible for managing the design process, from working with customers to help identify a problem to building the solution.


The Best paying jobs in capital goods industry is an important part of the manufacturing sector. These businesses make the machinery and equipment that other companies use to produce goods. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the capital goods sector, many different types of job opportunities are available. These include engineering, sales, finance, and management positions. Hope you got your answer from this article Best paying jobs in capital goods.

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